born in 1986

living in Passau / Germany



„I see myself as a kind of diary photographer. I photograph
things and situations not attributable to truthfulness,
but as I feel them situatively. Most of my pictures probably tell
more about myself than about the people or things i photograph.“

Martin Waldbauer is a self-taught photographer. He print and develop on his own. Martin uses a 8×10 inch Toyo field camera, a Rolleiflex 2.8f and a Pentax 67ii. He shoots the majority of his photographs using Kodak’s classic Tri-X film and mainly print on very old and expired fiber paper. For those he’s using the lith printing technique. Martin shapes the photo from start to finish. The photographer does all the printing, spotting, and archival mounting. The pictures on this site are just a little fraction Martin shows on exhibitions and other publications.

picture: Raphael Guarino


2012 Stare Magazin passau

2013 „looking back through these mirrors“ Spatz Hutdesign Passau

2014 „12 Lichtbildner“ Kunstverein Passau

2016 „Lagerware“ Lagerhaus Hauzenberg

2016 „Sammle in der Zeit“ Freilichtmuseum Finsterau

2017 „Sammle in der Zeit“ Freilichtmuseum Massing

2017 “Hoamad/Heimat“ Granitzentrum Hauzenberg

2018 „Hoamad/Heimat. 2013-2018“ Waldgeschichtliches Museum St. Oswald

2018 „Einzelpublikation“ Hans Eisenmann Haus Neuschönau / Bayr. Wald

2019 „Kunst trifft Kulinarik“ mit Michael Lauss / Hauzenberg



29.05. – 21.06.2020 Kulturmodell / Passau

April 2021 Schloss Obernzell / Passau